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Superior Cabinetry Restoration in Edgewater, MD

Cabinets are more than storage - they are essential. They are the central element of a room, so as the first thing you see, they become the basis for the function and design of that space.

If they are looking worse for wear or out of touch with the times, it might be time to show them a little love. Chris's Furniture Restoration can help. With extensive experience and a crew committed to your satisfaction, we bring back or reimagine these iconic features. 

With our cabinetry restoration in Edgewater, MD, you can bring back the timeless appeal of wood that has seen years of wear. We painstakingly match tones and pay attention to the surrounding space to ensure that each finished project packs the right kind of visual punch. We also offer cabinetry refinishing, which lets you change up a room’s look without shelling out for entirely new construction. We’ll take advantage of versatile surfaces and rich finishing products to deliver picture-perfect results.

Cabinetry Restoration in Edgewater, MD

Trusted for Quality

Our cabinet woodworkers combine exceptional tools focusing on your room’s style to make sure that every project produces stunning results. No matter what the details, our clients count on us to bring out the best in their favorite features, and we commit to getting the job done right. Get in touch today to refresh or restore wooden cabinets in your space.

Breathe New Life into Old Cabinets

Although it may seem tempting to tear out old and worn cabinet fronts, sometimes the wood is in good condition, even if the finish isn’t. Many older-style cabinets are made of solid wood, not veneer, so their value is far greater than you realize. Cabinetry restoration and refinishing can transform your kitchen and bathrooms from drab to dazzling. You may be surprised at the difference a professional touch makes to quarter-sawn oak, solid maple, and cherry cabinets. The warmth of cabinetry that is original to the house can create a space that you’ll not only love to spend time in but appreciate more for its history.

The kitchen is often called the heart of the home, so make it somewhere beautiful. Our restoration and refinishing techniques ensure that we protect the integrity of the wood while also bringing out its original beauty. There is no reason your old cabinets can’t be brought back to life. All it takes is a little professional know-how and an understanding of wood’s properties.

Call us before you rip out those old cabinet fronts, and we will show you what we can do to give them a new lease on life.