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We Repair Upholstered Wood Furniture in Edgewater, MD

Every wooden piece of furniture deserves a professional touch, but wooden pieces with fabric need extra special attention. Chris’s Furniture Restoration brings over 30 years of woodworking experience to every residential and commercial job. We perform repairs on all upholstered wood furniture in Edgewater, MD, including those with fabric or leather coverings, cushions, stuffing, and springs. This service is available for chairs, leather couches, and other items. Contact us for a free estimate and the answers to any questions. Our team has the techniques to help your older items withstand the test of time.

We Repair Upholstered Wood Furniture in Edgewater, MDRecover Chairs and Sofas in Edgewater, MD

Upholstery repair and restoration for vintage and antique furniture often requires fabric and cushioning replacement. The fabric needs to complement the wood and its era while being fastened securely enough to withstand wear and use for many years. Chris’s Furniture Restoration works hard to recover chairs and sofas so that they can meet those needs. We have the skills and tools for sanding, buffing, refinishing, and anything else your furniture needs. By the time we’re done, you’ll be able to see the difference and feel proud to show off your beloved furniture to all of your guests.

Breathing New Life into Your Wooden Furniture

Make your wooden furniture look as good as new by taking advantage of our wood furniture restoration services. Our team has the equipment and experience needed to repair and refinish your classic and antique furniture. We also specialize in working on upholstered furniture such as sofas and chairs. With the full restoration solutions we offer, you can be sure that your furniture looks its best and is ready for many more years of use. Contact us to learn more about the furniture repair and restoration services we offer or to discuss the piece that you want to revitalize. We are always happy to answer any of your questions and to make your furniture look amazing again. 

Top Quality Results 

Chris’s Furniture Restoration prides itself on consistently delivering top-quality results to our clients. We will always work to restore your furniture to peak condition so that you can feel comfortable showing it off in your home. So, whether you are looking to restore the upholstery on an old sofa or you want to refinish the wood on an antique chair, trust our skilled and experienced team to handle the work.