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Restoration for Wood Damage Claims
in Edgewater, MD

You can’t always prevent damage, but insurance helps you recover after water, fire, or high winds strike. At Chris's Furniture Restoration, we’re a part of that process for homes and businesses impacted by unexpected events. We can restore your architectural wood and other features with exceptional quality and hassle-free service.

Insurance money is valuable. Make the most of it by choosing us to help with your wood damage claims in Edgewater, MD. From a few spots to extensive repairs on water and fire damaged furniture, we put our expertise to work delivering like-new results for many items such as:

Chairs Desks Tables Dressers Cupboards

We even offer cabinetry restoration and commercial woodwork for insurance claims. Whatever it takes to get your property back in its best shape, you can count on our team.


Commercial Woodworking for Insurance Claims

When dealing with damage to your home and possessions, your first consideration is how you will replace everything. But what do you do about irreplaceable items? In some cases, your insurance company would prefer to restore the property you already own rather than replace it. By choosing our restoration services, your insurance carrier saves money, and you get to enjoy the original item instead of having to find a match. 

Heirloom pieces are not something you’ll find at the local big box store; they are often passed down through generations and cannot be replaced. Although you may consider the damage to your prized possessions too extensive to repair, you’d be surprised at what skilled craftsmen can accomplish.

We’ll draw from our years of experience to breathe life back into your grandmother’s dining table or the antique chair your mother left to you in her will. Depending on the piece's condition and the degree of damage, we can make it look brand new and erase any signs it was ever in a flood or fire. You’ll appreciate our commitment to commercial woodworking for insurance claims and the time we take to restore your possessions to their original beauty.

Focused on Value

We understand that great woodwork isn’t just about money. It’s also about the attachments you make with your belongings and the value of your space as a part of your wider home or brand. When we work with water and fire-damaged furniture, our team aims for quality that keeps your property’s holistic value in mind. Discover the difference our approach makes for you by reaching out to us for more information today.